We are currently hiring two positions for 2018…

Nursery Manager – We are looking for an individual to manage the day to day aspects of the Nursery. This includes the growing, maintenance and sales for the retail nursery.

This is a full time position from Mid March-November. The hours are 9-5, Wednesday-Sunday, but can also be somewhat flexible.

Basic plant knowledge and experience are required, but expertise can be learned.

Need an ability to plan events, utilize social media and community outreach.

We are looking for honest, hard working, and detail oriented individuals.

Physically capable of manual labor and able to lift and carry heavy objects, 40-50 lbs.

Need to be able to communicate with and educate the public.

Creativity and thinking outside the box are encouraged.

Most importantly we need someone with a passion and care for life, plants, animals, and people.

Hourly rate starts at $14-$16, depending on experience. We would like to find an individual with the desire and ability to grow with us, literally and figuratively. The company is growing and expanding and we would like someone in this position who can oversee operations for years to come.

Gardener – This is a full time position from Mid March – November. This position entails assisting with maintenance and installation projects, both on site and off. Hours are Monday-Friday and vary depending on the season and scheduling. Spring and Fall can be very busy and longer hours may be required.

Basic plant skills and experience or education in the field are necessary.

Individual must be hard working, conscientious and detail oriented.

Must be physically capable of lifting and carrying heavy objects up to 75 lbs.

Must be pleasant and able to communicate with clients.

We are looking for an individual who enjoys gardening and would like to pursue a career in the field. We would like someone who can stick around and help us grow into the future.

Hourly rate is $10-$12 depending on experience.

Send your resume or any questions you may have to Nicholas at ginosnursery@gmail.com.